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POWERSTATION Specifications

Solids verification* -- SOLIDIFY -- Full interactive solids model verification for both milling and turning. Supports All standard milling / turning tools. Prove out your NC-Programs on the Computer, not the Machine.

Unlike most systems, POWERSTATION 2000 can verify both the generated tool path and / or the Posted NC-Code.


Click for Live Video of Solidify    Click for Live Video of Solidify

Click for Live Video of Solidify    Click for Live Video of Solidify

Click On the Above Pictures for a Live Action Video of SOLIDIFY !!!


Super Chain Command -- The Chain Cutting command has been significantly improved to automatically support Multiple Stock Roughing, Automatic use of Cutter Compensation, along with automatic generation of custom Lead In/ Lead Out moves.

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Improved Geometry Creation: Modal Point Snaps, Automatically repeat geometry commands

Improved User Interface - POWERSTATION 2000 has many new/improved used interface elements. All of these new feature are user selectable for greater customization

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IGES Import w/summary* -- Import IGES Files from High End CAD systems.

AutoCAD 2000 DXF Import with Detailed Summary. Now directly supports UNIX files !!

Automatic Bad Geometry Filtering/clean up -- Finds and repairs common geometry problems automatically, improves speed and reliability of chaining and pocketing commands.

Improved tool path editing commands:

wpe3.gif (5780 bytes)         wpe6.jpg (7604 bytes)

Custom Tool Images -- Standard Mills, Drills, and Lathe Tools, displayed with full animation.

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Custom NC-File Name Extensions for each machine

Spell Checker for Drawn Text and Operation Descriptions, avoid embarrassing spelling mistakes.

New Pocketing Geometry "Single Pick Chain" option -- When Pocketing, the pocket/island boundaries may now be selected by convention chain, single picked entities, our new single click selection.

Mirror over X/Y axis, Line -- Simple mirroring over the -X- or -Y- axis, no longer requires drawing a construction line.

Lathe Canned Cycle Support for Drilling and Roughing, reduces NC-Program Length.

Print layer data sheet -- Generates a detailed report of all layers, there status and description.

New Desktop Enhancements:

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Additional Modules / Advanced features

Basic version now has INGRAVER



NC-Code Analyzer 2000*


* PRO & PRO+ Versions Only
** PRO+ Version Only

POWERSTATION Specifications