Replacement disks are available for all registered users of MICROCIMM software. These disks are intended as replacements when your original disks have been lost or damaged, or you wish to update to the latest revision of the version that you are currently licensed to use. Example: Updating from POWERSTATION version 5.018 to 5.024 would be covered under this form, Upgrading from Version 4.18 to 5.028 would require purchase of a version 5 license and is not covered under this form. To determine you current version number, select "Help", then "About".

The cost is $25 per product, and includes delivery by US Mail.

Please provide the following information:

Company Name: _________________________________

Contact: _________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________

Town: __________________________ State _______ Zip ___________________

Fax: ___________________________ Email: ______________________________

Product name: ______________________________________

Current Version: ____________________________________________


To order by credit card, please call our offices at (631) 361-4610

To order by check, please send this form, along with a check for $25 to:

Glass House Software, Ltd.
23 Carldon Lane
Hauppauge, NY 11788-0144


  1. All replacement disks will be on CD-Rom Media
  2. If we do not have proof of your license on file, we may contact you and ask for your original invoice or other proof of purchase.
  3. Please use one copy of this form per product.
  4. COD's and PO's NOT accepted
  5. For versions older than 2006, please contact us before ordering.