NEW XPERT-II Additions:

  • Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 Compatibility
  • Latest Autocad DXF Import
  • Includes File/Open Previewing
  • New User Customizable Machining Toolbar
  • Uses less memory -- The main database is now auto-sizing, eliminating the need to preset the largest drawing size.
  • Dimension Drags -- Dimensions are now drawn interactively as the cursor/text location is changed. Simply move the mouse until the desired dimensioning style/location are displayed.
  • Easy Geometry -- The Easy Geometry command now has an all new - grid type interface. This simplifies entry, allows for easier entry error correction. Lists of commands can be saved and reloaded at a future time, allowing for repetitive similar parts and/or family of parts programming.
  • Geometry -- The Line Sketch command now has a single setup dialog, streamlining the use of this powerful command. The "Analyze Boundary" command now delivers more accurate results, in addition to displaying the "Centriod" of the selected boundary.
  • Modify -- New "Change Drawing Origin" command. Moves the entire drawing to a new location in a single selection.
  • True type Font Support -- True type fonts may now be used to add decorative/specialized text to drawings.

Easy Part Modeling:

  • Simple CAD Geometry Creation
  • Extensive Editing & Analysis Tools to Ensure Accuracy
  • Powerful Commands for Rotating, Trimming, Zooming, Panning, Snapping & More
  • The Best DXF Import/Export of ANY CAM System Available Today

Efficient Tool Path Generation:

  • Automatic Machining Cycles for Roughing, Finishing, Pocketing, Drilling, Grooving, and Many More.
  • Operations Manager for Quick Creation, Editing, Verifying, Copying, and Changing Tool Paths
  • Includes Text Engraving Capability (Single font)
  • Integrated Editor/Communications (DNC)/ On-Line Help
  • Customizable Post-Processing for any -G- Code Machine

Easy To Learn & Use:

  • Logical True Windows Interface, you already know how to use it.
  • Includes a Library of 90+ Post Processors, ready to be put to work in your shop
  • Includes, Tutorials & First Class Technical Support
  • Fully Upgradeable to POWERSTATION "PRO"  or "PRO+" Versions

Now, Everyone Can Afford a Complete CAD/CAM Software System. You Can Program Any Type of Machine. Forget About Finding Tangency's or Blending Geometry Manually, No More MDI at the Machine, or Having to Edit Your -G- Code Programs. POWERSTATION XPERT-II Does it All Automatically, Easily, and at the Lowest Cost Available in Our Industry.

Note: POWERSTATION Xpert version does NOT include the 2015 additions.

Powerstation Versions Comparison

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